God You're so good - Passion

[Intro] D G D A [Verse 1] D Amazing love G That welcomes me Bm Asus A The kindness of mercy That bought with blood wholeheartedly My soul undeserving [Chorus] D A God, You’re so good D /C# God, You’re so good Bm G God, You’re so good D A D You’re so good to me [Verse 2] Behold the cross Age to age And hour by hour The dead are raised The sinner saved The work of Your power [Chorus] x2 [Bridge 1] A I am blessed, I am called Bm I am healed, I am whole G D I am saved in Jesus’ name Highly favored, anointed Filled with Your power For the glory of Jesus’ name [Verse 3] And should this life Bring suffering Lord, I will remember What Calvary Has bought for me Both now and forever [Chorus] 4x REPEAT Bridge 2 REPEAT Chorus

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IIZIPtQuW8