Be with You - City Harvest

[Intro] Ab Ab Cm Fm7 Bbm7 Eb [Verse] Ab Cm7 Savior of my soul Ebm I confide in You Ab Dbmaj7 Through all my darkest moment Bbm7 Eb In you I find my peace Cm7 Fm7 My comfort when I'm weak Bbm7 Eb I trust in You, through storm and raging sea [Verse] Faithful, You're my God You're the Glory and the Lifter of my head Your light it fills my days It leads me in Your ways Forever I surrender all to You [Chorus] Ab Cm7 And I live to worship You Fm Ebm Ab/C My Jesus You're the only one for me Db Eb Nothing will ever take Your place Cm7 Fm My precious Savior Bbm7 Eb Who can stand between my Lord and me Lord I live to honor You And I long to bring my life an offering Take me higher Draw me deeper I give all to be with You

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGQpm3i3mXw