JLG Theme Song

[Intro] G D/F# Em C D/F# [Verse 1] G Lord, we pray today D/F# May you come our way Em Teach us to obey your word C D As we share your victory Lord [Verse 2] Remind us, God, today Let Christ be known we pray May your power live in us As your spirit work within us [Pre-Chorus] G With one voice Em With one faith C WIth one spirit D Declaring God you reign Bm7 May we find favor in you C As we complete all the tasks G You have entrusted us D You have given us [Chorus] G D/F# Jesus the Living Gospel Church Designed to display Your Em Righteousness, Holiness C D May your heart be filled gladness Jesus the Living Gospel Church Bound to fulfill your purpose Lord May your glory shine upon us Lord [Bridge] D# F G As surrounded by great clouds of witnesses D# A# G We will fix our eyes only to you D# F We will run the race Dm7 Gm7 'Coz we long to see your face Cm7 D We will persevere by your grace We will declare you are worthy

Reference: http://jlgchurch.org