One Desire - Hillsong

[Intro] Ac. Guitar, Pads and Ride E/G# A2 E/G# A2 [Verse 1] E/G# You gave it all for me A2 My soul desire, my everything E/G# A2 All I am is devoted to You [Verse 2] How could I fail to see You are the love that rescued me All I am is devoted to You [Pre-Chorus] B C#m7 Oh, how could I not be moved? A2 Lord here with You E B So have your way in me C#m7 Cause Lord there is just one thing A2 That I will seek [Chorus] E B This is my cry my one desire C#m7 To be where you are Lord A2 Now and forever E More than a song D My one desire F#m7 Is to be with You C#m7 A Is to be with You E/G# A2 E/G# A Jesus [Instrumental] Do Intro chords [Bridge] 4x E F#m7 The one thing E/G# A Crescendo 2nd X The one thing C#m7 E/B E/G# A That I ask is to be with You A E/G# Decrescendo Is to be with You [Chorus] Drum fill -- Big!

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tG3HDRKK2Vc