Spirit Touch Your Church - Hillsong

[Intro] Bb F/A Gm Eb F7 Bb [Verse 1] Bb F/A Gm F Lord, we need Your grace and mercy Eb F Bb We need to pray like never before F Gm F Eb Bb/D We need the power of your Holy Spirit Cm Bb/D F To open Heaven's door [Chorus] Eb F/Eb Dm Gm Spirit touch Your church, stir the hearts of men Eb F Dm Gm F Revive us Lord with your passion once again Eb F I want to care for others D D/Gb Gm Like Jesus cares for me F Eb F Bb F/A Gm Let your rain fall upon me F Eb F Bb F Let your rain fall upon me [Verse 2] Bb F/A Gm F Lord we humbly come before You Eb F Bb We don't deserve of You what we ask F/A Gm F Eb Bb/D But we urge to see Your glory Cm Bb/D Eb F Restore this dy -- ing land

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m1uv35zWqQ