Weve Come To Bless Your Name - Don Moen

[Intro] F / / / |F / / / |F / / / |F / / / | F / / / | / / / / | F C/E Dm Bb | Bb/C / / / [Verse 1] F Bb/F C/F Were here because of grace F Bb/F C/F A part of Your great plan Am7 Dm7 We have come to seek Your face Gm7 Bb/C Not the wonders of Your hand F Bb/F C/F And yes we need Your touch F Eb/F Dm/F But You’ve given us so much Bb Am7 Dm7 That we just want to thank You Gm7 Bb/C F Bb C F For all You’ve done for us [Chorus] Csus C We’ve come to bless Your name C F Fsus F King of kings and Lord of lords Csus C We’ve come to give You praise C Fsus F You are the One that we adore C/E Dm O Lord cleanse our hearts with fire Bb F C2 And fill us with desire for Your courts Bb F And for Your presence in our lives [Verse 2] Lord, You’ve made a way Because of Your great love And our hearts are filled with praise For all that You have done And there is none like You

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQmwTN0L36E