Thank You Jesus For The Blood - Charity Gayle

[Intro] A F#m D A E [Verse1] A I was a wretch F#m I remember who I was D A I was lost, I was blind E I was running out of time A Sin separated F#m The breach was far too wide D A But from the far side of the chasm E You held me in your sight A So You made a way F#m Across the great divide D A Left behind, heavens throne E To build it here inside A And there at the cross F#m You paid the debt I owed D A Broke my chains, freed my soul E For the first I had hope [Chorus] A D A Thank you Jesus for the blood applied F#m E A F#m E Thank You Jesus it have washed me white F#m E D F#m E Thank You Jesus You have saved my life D A E A Brought me from the darkness into glorious light [Verse2] A You took my place F#m Laid inside my tomb of sin D A You were buried for three days E And then You walked right out again A And now death has no sting F#m And life has no end D A For I have been transformed E By the blood of the lamb [Chorus] [Bridge] 2x D There is nothing stronger E F#m Than the wonder working power of the blood C#m The blood D That calls us sons and daughters E We are ransomed by our father F#m Through the blood C#m The blood [Chorus] [Outro] A D A Glory to His name A F#m E Glory to His name A D A There to my heart was the blood applied A E A Glory to His name

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhU-Omwg2rU