[Intro:] 2x E A C#m B [Verse I:] E A E A Savior, Jesus Christ E A C#m B Come to purify my soul E A E A Master hear my plea E A C#m B Let me serve You all my life [Chorus:] C#m B I am ablaze for You Lord A I wanna go out and spread Your love C#m B Ablaze for You Lord A Together we’re setting the world on fire [Verse II:] E A E A Spirit give me strength E A C#m B Pour Your power, unto me E A E A Send me to the place E A C#m B That You have prepared for me [Adlib:] C#m B A E A C#m B [Bridge:] B C#m Spirit of God A Descend upon me (3x) C#m B A With Your holy fire

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YrXe5AgKcI