Radical Love - Victory Worship

[Intro] Am7 Am7 F C G Am7 F C/E G [Verse 1] Am F You found me in my darkest hour C G You gave me hope and gave me life Am F You give a love that’s greater C You lead me out the darkness G And into your light [Do Verse 1 Chords] I was blind but now I see You mercy, it has set me free Your favors’ all around me Your Radical Love has found me Now I sing [Chorus] F C Take my heart Lord it is Yours Am Oh it is Yours G Oh it is Yours [Interlude] Am7 F C G [Verse 2] No one else can save my soul No one else can make me whole Jesus you have won me Your Radical Love surrounds me Now I sing [Chorus] 4x [Instrumental] F G Am C [Bridge 1] 2x F I’m giving up my all G For you and you alone Am For your sacrifice C I’m laying down my life [Bridge 2] 2x F The price You paid, G The life You gave, Am The cross and the grave C My sins now erased [Chorus]

Reference: https://youtu.be/-ZvSWp14Fp0