How does it work?

Create team dashboard

1. Create your team(s)

If you have manage single or multiple band, You might want to create a name for them.

Add your team members dashboard

2. Add your team members

Before adding your team members, make sure each of them has created their account.

Create event dashboard

3. Create a setlist

It's a great way to organize all songs specially a church that conducts multiple services.

Add songs dashboard

4. Add songs to your setlist

Finally, you can now add songs, many as you want to your setlist you've just created.

Song Sections

Song sections enables you to navigate the song easily during your practice.

Song sections dashboard.

Why Collideborate?

Access Control

You can grant other musicians to update lyrics or chords you've added in the song list.


Switching from one piece to another during practice
is just one swipe away.


Leave comments or annotations on specific songs or arrangements
within the setlist.

Sort Library

Organizing your song library is simply by
dragging and drop.

Change Key

Each song leader has a different key. Fear not! You can
instantly change to their appropriate key.

Multiple Teams

You can create multiple teams, many as you want for
multiple Church services.

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Other Tools


Reflect, an interactive music sheet that makes your life significantly easier by allowing you to hear how the tab is meant to be played.

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ScrollFreePlay empowers musicians to fully immerse themselves in their craft, eliminating the need for scrolling their device while playing.

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